How to open internal pdf url in app


can any one tell me how to open internal pdf in ionic app…

I try this way but not work

<ion-content class="aboutView" lazy-scroll>
<iframe ng-src="pdf/en.pdf" style="width:100%; height: 1100px;"></iframe>

and controller

myApp.controller('en', function($scope , $http  , $stateParams , $sce ,  $ionicLoading , $ionicSlideBoxDelegate , $ionicScrollDelegate , $timeout , $ionicModal , $compile) {

${ template: 'Loading...' })
var cid = '';
var incsalespurl=''+cid
$scope.salesrow = data.GetSalesDocumentResult;
$scope.pdfurl=$sce.trustAsResourceUrl("" + $scope.salesrow.Path + ".pdf");



You can use inappbrowser, it works with pdf. Here you hace a good example How to open local PDF files from ng-click for an android app?


thank you to help me :slight_smile: