How to open Dialer in ionic V5?

hi, i need to open dialer with a phone number, im in ionic 5 but when I use the call number plugin from ionic-native, im getting the error " ‘CallNumber’ is declared but its value is never read.ts(6133)
Cannot find module ‘@ionic-native/call-number/ngx’.ts(2307)"

import { CallNumber } from '@ionic-native/call-number/ngx';

Im using capacitor, but I didnt find any plugin to use open dialer. How can i do that ?

I’m also using the Plugin and it works fine for me (with ionic 5 and Cordova). I don’t know if there are any problems in combination with Capacitor. Try reinstalling the Plugin and the Ionic Native Wrapper.

Thanks for your reply, but i cant install the plugin from ionic native, i did npm install call-number but i still getting the same error

Ionic Native is only a Wrapper for the Plugin. Have you added the Plugin via Capacitor?

I would focus on this error, because I think the other one cascades off of here. The position of that ' in the middle of ngx'.ts intrigues me. Is that really in the error message, or is it a pasto? What version of @ionic-native/call-number is installed?