How to open app on android platform from a Azure AD B2C response url using Ionic 3

I am using Azure B2C to authenticate in the ionic v3 app and MSAL.JS. The auth response is returned with the token from Azure service but it fails to open the app to processes authenticated user. The authentication request is sent using iresponse URL is opened in the InAppBrowser. The urlscheme is registered. I have tried with no luck. What is the magic configuration to make this work on ionic for android and iOS?

if (typeof cordova !== ‘undefined’) {
if (cordova && cordova.InAppBrowser) { =;

Auth Response url is: msalbabd6756-48bd-4df7-b6e7-a312516286de2://auth/#state=82b05a34-8607-4250-aaa3-dae9aee712bb&client_info=xxxxx

Config.xml is attached.

Android Manifest is attached.

Hi there, just wonder do you have any luck proceed with the issues? I think I am also having trouble authenticating through native path.