How to move an Android App in Auto Start List?

I use push notification using ionic/cloud-angular from this article
On my device android version is 6.0.1.
When my app is closed, then push notification doesn’t come. if i add app to Auto Start List, then push notification comes any way.
How can i programmatically add my app to Auto Start List?
Foe example such app as WhatsApp automaticall set autorun in Auto Start List.

Then something is broken in your app or push implementation. Push is totally independent from your app running, notifications are received and shown by the OS by default and only handed to your app when started or already running.

I don’t use Android. Can you post screenshots or resources about this “Auto Start List”?

Even i don’t get any notification when my app is closed in android?
Can you tell me how could you manage to get that app in auto start list?

For example i found the same questions, but without answer

But what about whatsApp? Even if it closes, the message still come.
I have such option in my assus zenphone Max

I think they might be using local notification plugin for that…

I have the same problem. Did you solve this?