How to modify cut/copy action menu for long press on text

Hi everyone, i need to modify or disable this cut/copy menu, and implant a custom action menu in his place. Does anyone have any ideias?


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you can apply this to on-hold gesture property…

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Nice anicacute09. Thank you, but i need to remove this copy/cut menu and put the other menu in his place. I need to put other options, do you know?

I don’t know maybe it’s the device default popup when the word is highlighted…

Yes, i need modify this device default popup. Have you ever done anything like it?

take a look at the example in this site, I just added an actionsheet(or popup) that display copy/delete and give a function to each button… example for copy use the plugin and for delete I use splice(or empty a scope) to delete the message or whatever you want to omit.

Hi anicacute09, I saw and implemented this example, and i got interact with the clipboard bar. But i need disable the native clipboard bar, do you have any idea?