How to manage language json assets for multiple modules in Ionic 2 project?

I have created ionic 2 project, in that we have different modules and every module has its own multilingual
assets but at present I have multilingual json resource files under single location WWW ->assets

Please refer screenshot for project structure:

instead of keeping multilingual json resource files under single location WWW ->assets ** can I keep it separately under each module?** so that all module should also work separately and can be used across different projects?

Reviving an old post but that is exactly where I am right now.

I also have the same question. What’s the best way to implement this on app architecture point of view?

@suyog - did you make any decision on how to go about it or following what you showed in the screenshot?

I also have one more off-topic question. By looking at the screenshot (the Desktop folder), it looks like you are using or going to use your app as a regular desktop/laptop based website. I am guessing mainly to have one codebase for your application. I am also thinking of something similar but not sure how it should be done or what’s the best and recommended approach. Will you be able to share how you approached it and what aspects in terms of architecture, development and design you had to take care of?