How to make variable css to scss?

Is there any way how to convert CSS to SCSS?

just simple like generate install scss into vue, the methods will below:

npm install -D sass sass-loader@^10

after installed completed, the next thing you must do is install node-sass

npm install -S node-sass

after installation is completed, You’re able to use scss inside your project.

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You can make your variable as well as change its value like this

–my-colour: #fff;

Now you can assign --my-colour to your scss variable as well so you wont have to do change in multiple places:

$theme : var( --my-colour );

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@whitersun Thanks mate, cant wait to try

@whitersun Opps! It’s not working…

I installed below and change variable.css to variable.scss and stll got the error
npm install -D sass sass-loader@^10
npm install -S node-sass

did you try change the direct file name in main.js?

Cus the problem is in you main.js of variable is css file, so that why system will call errors.

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Perfect :slight_smile: thanks mate