How to make the browser tab text different of the title of the open page in my PWA?

In my PWA the text of the browser tab is the same of the title of the page, when runnning on browser.

I wish to set a different text.

How to change browser tab text?

The title of the page and the tab text are identical by definition.

I assume you mean you want to have a different ion-title than the page/tab title?

I don’t know if this is possible.

I can change the title calling the method setTitleof a instance of the class App (inside a setTimeout) inside the ionViewWillEnter method of the page. The problem with this approach is that it will set the component page title in the browser tab and, after a visible and ugly delay, will set the the custom text in browser tab.

I am still not sure what you are talking about.

If ion-title controls the page <title>, and you want to show something in place of it, why not just make it invisible on the page and use a custom component to replace it?