How to make side menus in <ion-nav-view>

Hi there
Firstly i am using todo app provided in documentation
i modified code a bit and it only has few buttons in part

for navigating through app we generally use < ion-nav-view> along with appropriate tag
but i wish to make a side menu in this
which is not possible to create in “< ion-view>” because when i add
the title from

< script id="page1.html" type="text/ng-template">     
	 < !-- The title of the ion-view will be shown on the navbar -->
     < ion-view title="Page 1" hide-back-button="true">
=======>then title disapperas

so how can we add a side menu in < ion-view> and how to add header in it?

help me!

I’m afraid I’m not following?
So you want to use an ion-nav-view inside the ion-side-menu and also the ion-side-menu-content?