How to make ion-menu list transparent in ionic 3

how can i turn menu background to transparent in ionic 3

<ion-menu [content]="content" side="right" class="menu">
  <ion-header >
    <ion-toolbar class="toolbar" color="primary">
      <ion-title color="dark" class="menu" ></ion-title>   
<ion-content class="menu">
    <ion-list no-lines >

background-color: transparent;

but not working

please help to solve this problem

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This should work…{	
	ion-list {
		.item {
			background: transparent;

Good luck,

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doesnt work is there any other method

I tried it within a sample Ionic3 app …do you override at some point the class “.item” with “!important”?

this is the solution :

background-color: transparent !important;

add this in app.scss


It’s work in ionic Thank You

The following elements need to be transparent (if possible, style inline to override all styles): .menu-inner, ion-item, ion-content