How to make cover header for one tab page

My app is ionic tab-based, I want to adjust only one tab page’s header to cover header, however is being put at index.html as a public page for all tabs, how can I just make change to nav bar just for one tab page?

The code for the tab page I want to make change:

<ion-view view-title="Account">
<div class="list card">

<div class="item item-avatar">
<img src="avatar.jpg">
<h2>Pretty Hate Machine</h2>
<p>Nine Inch Nails</p>

 <div class="item item-image">
 <img src="cover.jpg">

<a class="item item-icon-left assertive" href="#">
<i class="icon ion-music-note"></i>
Start listening

<ion-toggle  ng-model="settings.enableFriends">
    Enable Friends