How to made custom AngularJS script work in ionic

I new in Ionic and AngularJS. I heard that Ionic is base on AngularJS so I learn AngularJS tutorial in w3school.

I wonder how to apply or inject js file which write in AngularJS like in tutorial in w3school into Ionic project.

I try to use like script tag to import it but it not appeared in Elements tab of devtool.

I saw somewhere they told to import it from index.html. I put js/app.js in same folder as index.html is and write script tag to import it but what I get in console is error 404.

I want to ask few things too

  • Is it possible to have js file in separate folder like “home/js/app.js”, “tabs/js/app.js” etc ?
  • Is it possible to write AngularJS script directly in each page with script tag or similar ?

About my other things
OS: Windows 10 Pro x64
Cordova: 7.0.1
Ionic: 3.4.0