How to load function before state load?

Hello im trying to load function before app load main view any idea how to do this?

function($http) {
       $http.get('').then(function(resp) {
            app.ConfigJSON = resp;
          }, function(err) {

The magic world is “resolve”

The ui-router module for ionic state-definition provides resolves, where you can define code blocks, which have to run before changing to the state:

The response of the functions (code-blocks) are injected in the controller of the state

but this would call the resolve everytime you change to that state.

so i would create a service where you store your appconfig and if it is not there -> you load it if not you will send the request.

In my apps i have an own request-service. it is a wrapper for $http to handle errors, success, authorizations and so on in a single point. There i check, if i want to send a request - is the appconfig already loaded -> if not i send the config-request before and then the original request.

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