How to know if any option was Cheked

Good morning.
I have an object that returns a multiple values, inside the object comes a Boolean value, I must validate that at least one comes in cheked, I try to traverse the object but I throw a mistake that the name of the field I try to access does not exist.
Any way to access that value?

My code

  let cont = 0;
  for(let i = 0; i <= this.tiposVehiculos.length; i++) {
    if(this.tiposVehiculos[i].isChecked === true){

my error

You have a fencepost error at the end of your loop. You want < instead of <=. Or you could just not worry about such things and write it as:

let cont = 0;
this.tiposVehiculos.forEach(v => v.isChecked && cont++);

THANK YOU rapropos.
Your code worked like a charm.
rapropos Always helping with solutions