How to keep the radio button checked after app reload

I have a function that I call after clicking on a radio button. This function sets the location preference then reloads the app. ( the app has to reload as it brings up the secondary app depending on the location preference )

when reloading I have a get function in NgOnInit to get the location preference, with this i try to set the radio button checked value but app keeps breaking as “checked” is not a property of radio

    if (this.preference === "US"){
      this.US = true;
      this.International = false
    } else {
      this.US = false;
      this.International = true

this is the HTML:

          <ion-col size="6">
            <ion-item color="secondary" (click)="saveLocationPreference('US')">
              <ion-radio value="US"></ion-radio>
          <ion-col size="6">
            <ion-item color="secondary" (click)="saveLocationPreference('International')">
              <ion-radio value="International"></ion-radio>

how do I i keep the radio button checked after app reload? because when the app reloads both radio buttons are empty

What does “bring up the secondary app” mean in practical terms?

Hey @27625788504

use in <ion-radio [(ngModel)]=“US”> like this.