How to keep Android status bar always visible

I’m trying to resolve an issue with the Android status bar on some devices using my app. The problem is that on some devices the status bar disappears and can only be viewed if you pull it down again, but when it goes up it remains hidden. On other devices this does not happen and when using the app the status bar is always visible. I would like to make it always visible because it is a demand from users.

Usually the bar disappears after the splash screen. I tried to use the show() function of the StatusBar plugin, but it doesn’t seem to work. I cannot use the overlaysWebView() function because many interactive elements in my app are overlaid by the status bar.

One thing that is strange is that when I use the this.statusBar.isVisible function, it returns me true, even though it is hidden.

Fixed this by using this in every page that I need:


I was trying to use this same method in app.components.ts, to try to wrap this setting throughout the application, but it doesn’t seem to work.