How to jump to a section of a page

In pure html we can do this

<a href="#about">About</about>

<div id="about">content</div>

Once the user click on about, it will jump to the about section. I tried the same thing in ionic 3, it does work only on the first page, so when I push pages on the stack, it won’t work on the second or third page.

Is there another way to do this in ionic?

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My personal opinion is that if I feel the need to do this, my page is too large/complex and I am better off breaking it up.

The page is not big or needs breaking up.
The idea is to make a tab of buttons at the top, and spare the user the time of scrolling to the section they want to read.

If I’m on a touchscreen, I would want each of those sections to be a separate page.

I see your point, this is a controversial issue in user experience area. In my application (classified ad) I would like the user to jump all the ads details to the advertiser’s section (phone number, email, etc). some people complain that it consumes there time to just scroll down all the details.

How about a button that pops up a modal containing the advertiser information? That way users who want to read the whole ad can scroll down to see it, and those who don’t can just pop up the information they’re interested in.