How-to intigrating RESTful web services over HTTPS in ionic project

I’m working with a private API and make RESTful GET calls over HTTPS inside my ionic app. From what I understand I cannot make HTTPS (only HTTP) by using ngResources or integrating the Parse service. Is that correct? This is my first time using a RESTful service and don’t seem to know to make calls outside of a ‘curl’ command. How can I make calls using my Private Key/API Token in my ionic app? Do I even need 3rd party services to do so or was I wrong about ngResources and Parse? Is this do-able?

Thanks for helping me become a better developer.

Hi @garrettmac, did you figure it out?

Yeah, it doesn’t make a difference,HTTP or HTTPS is the same is every restful case. I just needed to send my user:password over the wire correctly after converting to base64