How to integrate Paytm in ionic app

Hi, I am developing hybrid mobile app using ionic v3 and I need to integrate Paytm payments in app. I gone through many libraries/ plugins but not succeeded.
Please can you refer/ suggest/ guide me to same.
Thank you.

As far as I know there is no cordova plugin for paytm. You can get someone to use the native sdk and create a plugin or use browser route for payments.

Use inapp browser to open the paytm payments page. Use their web sdk to integrate with your app.

Thanks for quick response,
Please can you provide some samples for inappbrowser
I had tried for that also but not succeed.

Did you find any solution ? please let me know if you do.

Yes, I have integrated like developers do for web integration.
Pass server side paytm endpoint to inappbrowser.


Tx bro for you reply,
i m trying this from few day can you please share you code? any help from you will be very valuable from me tx bro.

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Even Im looking for integration can you please share your Code?