How to integrate Ionic with Rocket Chat?

Hey guys. Has anyone used Rocket.Chat with Ionic? If so, how did you do it?

Not really, but I know it exists a plugin for it.

Thank you, but this is not a plugin, this is an application.
I found how to do the integration.

Care to post an example to help others?

I was think that was have a plugin to integrate the ionic with rocket chat, but I am using the REST API:
That is working.

I’m also trying to integrating with my existing ionic mobile application with rocket chat REST API.
REST API call’s are working as expected, but how to make a bi-directional communication between a client and a server like web socket. Does it support socket.io1 . In your case how to achieve this.
can you please help me on that

Hi can you let me how we can create bidirectional communication between the users from mine applications. did you achieve it while you integrated the rest api’s in your ionic app for rocket chat.

Yes , i am also looking for the same

Hi sunilrawat, You could achieve this with help of realtime api. please refer this link

also this plugin is use to easy way to make the call to Rocket chat server

I am stuck at point #3

I have generated the token , and stored it to my db as well.

Now wile loading i frame , I am trying to return token from my db which I generated before,

But its not loading anymore the chat.

Can you please assist if you already did that, I am using ionicv1.

Thanks in advance.

Can you please post your code it will be help full. I am following the document

But its not clear at last part.

Thanks in advance

Finally I have Implemented Rocket chat into Ionic V1.

thanks all

Hi, have anyone manage to integrate ionic 4 with the rocket chat integrations?

I decided to built it on my end based on the api for ionic 4 versions and its working out well for now :slight_smile:

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Please help to share your method to integrate Rocket.Chat via iFrame Auth.

hey, can you please share some of your code or can I find it in github ? I have also integrated ionic4 with RocketChat, but sometimes the communication is working fine sometimes message is sent but stream is not working so the new sent and incoming messages are only visible after refresh.
Will really appreciate if you can share your code.