How to integrate a third library on Ionic 3 project

Can someone help me with all the steps needed to successfully integrate this Library
in my ionic 3 project .
I tried to follow steps from the official documentation here , but it doesn’t worked.

There is css/js/scss files in the folder installed in the " node_modules/flag-icon-css " directory , and i can’t figure which files i should copy to assets folder , then in the index.html.


there is no need to install it by bower or npm. Imho it is better you uninstall it and integrate it by hand.

Download the flags folder and css folder . Then you have everything you need. Css Folddr contains need css classes and flag folder contains needed svg files. Integrate both, for example in assets folder, into project and take a look to css files that path points to the correct files.

Best regards, anna-liebt

For better understanding: I mean take a look inside css file and check url path that points to the svg files. The css file can you import to app.scss like any other css file.

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