How to install @ionic-native/file-chooser from forked repository via npm?

I want to extend @ionic-native/file-chooser@4 functionality to use it in my legacy project. I made fork from ionic-team/ionic-native, made and commited changes into a separate branch. But now I faced the problem that I’m not able to put correct link at package.json to install @ionic-native/file-chooser from my fork.

Branch with my changes: feat/file-chooser

I have tried:

git ls-remote
git ls-remote
git ls-remote

and so on. And no one link gave me acceptable response

To sum up: I need to find out the correct link to install @ionic-native/file-chooser from fork from particular branch. The solution that would help me looks like:

"@ionic-native/file-chooser": "git+"

string in package.json.
Please help me to find out the correct one