How to incorporate change event in tinymce?

I am trying to use angular2-tinymce library in my project. I have successfully integrated tinymce in my module. But i could not trigger any callback for change event when any changes happened in the tinymce editor.

// in add-progress-note.module.ts file
  declarations: [
  imports: [
      menubar: false,
      plugins: ['textcolor'],
      toolbar: 'forecolor',
      resize: false,
      statusbar: false

// in add-progress-note.html file           
<ion-row class="note-editor" id="noteArea">
            <app-tinymce class="note-input-textarea" [(ngModel)]='noteText' (change)="onChangeNote()"></app-tinymce>

// in add-progress-note.ts file
  onChangeNote(): void {

My onChangeNote did not fire.

How to trigger a callback event for any change event in tinymce editor?

Since, i am using ngModel, i can easily use ngModelChange instead of change.

<app-tinymce class="note-input-textarea" [(ngModel)]='noteText' (ngModelChange)="onChangeNote()"></app-tinymce>