How to include SSH Key Passphrase with git push ionic master

I’d like to get ionic pro into my normal CI/CD pipeline. So it seems that when I commit code, I should be able to have my server call “git push ionic master”. But this will be unattended and the server won’t be able to respond to the prompt “Enter passphrase for key ‘/u/.ssh/id_rsa’:”.

Is there a way I can include the passphrase as an argument to the git push command? Or is there another way to do this?


Ah, thanks. I’ll try that.

Thanks for the tip.

In that post, the users asks about:

cd my-project
git remote add origin ssh://user@host/mnt/foo/bar/my-project.git
git push origin master

The response is to also do this:

ssh user@host "git init --bare /mnt/foo/bar/my-project.git"

But I am not sure what values to use in those commands. I figure mine should look more like this:

git remote add ionic ssh:// (not sure what goes here)

Can you please clear up some of my confusion?