How to include a plain js library in Ionic typescript project?

Hi, I think I still sadly still don’t understand how typescript/browserfy work together to include the actual js files into app.bundle.js in the Ionic 2 build.

This time I want to use a library that has no type definition file (mqtt.js). I have installed the js library and see it in the node_modules.

Within the node_modules/mqtt/lib.client.js file, there is an export at the end…

module.exports = MqttClient;

So I want to use this MqttClient in one of my pages.

After Building the app, when I look into app.bundle.js I do not see MqttClient anywhere.

In tsconfig.json I have attempted to include the above file…

 "filesGlob": [
  "node_modules/mqtt/lib/client.js"   <- added this

but I still don’t get it.

I thought that browserfy would scan the node_modules and read each package,json file, but now not so sure.

Can anyone shine some light on how I can include just the pure js libraries, and then how to import and use them in my typescript files. I have searched for hours looking for this but to no avail.
Thanks in advance for any help!

I added 'node_modules/mqtt/mqtt.js'into ionic-gulp-browserify-typescript folder index.js as below

var defaultOptions = {
   watch: false,
   src: ['./app/app.ts', './typings/index.d.ts', 'node_modules/mqtt/mqtt.js'],
   outputPath: 'www/build/js/',

At the bottom if the library file,, we have the following

       // Expose MqttClient
       module.exports.MqttClient = MqttClient;
       module.exports.Client = MqttClient;
       module.exports.Store = Store;

       // Expose servers
       module.exports.Server = MqttServer;
       module.exports.MqttServer = MqttServer;
       module.exports.SecureServer = MqttSecureServer;
       module.exports.MqttSecureServer = MqttSecureServer;

Now when I look into app.bundle.js I do see module.exports.MqttClient = MqttClient; I do not see MqttServer

I still don’t seem to be able to import this into my .ts page file though, so still not sure what to do here.

I can add ///<reference path="../../../node_modules/mqtt/mqtt.js" /> and this seems to resolve ok, but I cannot find how to import,

e.g. import * as mqtt from 'mqtt/mqtt'; typescript reports “'cannot find module mqtt/mqtt”.

If I try something like let client = new MqttClient(); MqttClient is always undefined.

Also, is the above the correct place to add js files?

I am sorry I don’t have an answer.

Hopefully this will bump the question up for a resolution.

I too am struggling to import a js library that does not have type definitions file.

Hopefully one of our questions can be resolve.

Good luck

Include the library in index.html, define the object it creates in your .ts file with something similar to declare var window: any;.

Instead of

import * as mqtt from 'mqtt'