How to improve ionic app click in android device

How to improve ionic app click on android device… because i am getting so late response for after click…

please please help me…

Did you add a (click) event on something else than a a or button?

If so, add following attribute: tappable


 <div (click)="doStuff()" tappable>

yes, i have also use this type click event, but there is no change.

do you mean “tappable”? if so, maybe could you share some code?

My House Proceedings

<div class="list_home" ng-controller="BrifProceedingCtrl">
<a href="" ng-click="openInExternalBrowser(brif.GetProceedingByDateResult);">
  <img class="list_icon" src="./img/briefofproceeding.png">
  <p class="list_text">Brief of Proceedings</p>
  <img class="right_errow" src="./img/arrow.png">

Are you using Ionic 1 or >= 2? If >= 2, could you try (click) instead of ng-click?

<a (click)="openInExternalBrowser(brif.GetProceedingByDateResult);">

I am using ionic 1, and i am using ng-click and <a href=""

Well then I was speaking about Ionic >= 2. The category of your post is “ionic” and not “
ionic-v1” … sorry for loosing your time.

Maybe you should withdraw this post and open a new one with the category “

if you know, why i am getting this error.

don’t know.

but again, would be much clearer to open separate post pro question (look like that’s another error, one post=one question) and to tag these with “ionic-v1”