How to import NgZone in beta 7?


I async data in tabs page and pass the data as rootparams to tab page.
no data updated on tab page when data in tabs page updated.


I haven’t tested it, but it should be the same way as before beta.7 only the import should be changed:

import { NgZone } from '@angular/core';
// ...
  constructor(private zone: NgZone) {
    // ...
// ...


Probably a more important question is “why do I want to import NgZone?”. I can’t make head or tails out of your original post, but since it doesn’t discuss use of external libraries without awareness of Angular change detection, I suspect that there is a much better way to achieve what you’re really trying to do.


@gxsjtu The comment above is very good/valid and I’ll highly recommend you to consider it.