How to implement location permission problem with always on option?

I used IONIC Capacitor/Geoloction module. I want to check and request location permissions.
At first, I added three keys on Info.plst file in XCode Project.

description here.
description here.
description here.

I used this code to check and request permission.

let isLocationAvailable:any
const hasPermissin = await Geolocation.checkPermissions();
if (hasPermissin.location == 'granted'){
    isLocationAvailable = true
    let permissionStatus = await Geolocation.requestPermissions()
    isLocationAvailable = permissionStatus.location === 'granted' ? true: false

But it displayed only Allow Once, While Using App, Don’t Allow options.
There is no Always On option, How can I fix this problem?

duplicate of How to add Always ON option in Capacitor/Geolocation?

Could you give me correct solution for this in more details?