How to implement lazy loading content into ion-slide?

I would like to implement my application with slides and because of the amount of content, data and slides I would like to know if is possible to implement lazy loading into an ion-slides component.

For example, for each slide add a lazy loading page


I haven’t tried it, but it should be the same as any sub-component lazy loading. Just be sure to include the lazy-loaded components modulew in the parent module imports, and see if that works

I would not go down this road.

I think it’s a bad idea period from a UX perspective, but that’s a matter of opinion, and if you are really attached to doing all your app navigation using left and right swipes, then I would recommend just using gestures to control the ordinary Angular router and animations if desired. Trying to do it with the slides component is going to give you an unscalable zoo.

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