How to implement JWT in latest Ionic 2 (RC0 right now)

I am trying to build a fairly standard Ionic 2 app that uses JWT with my own backend Json API.

Does anyone know where to find a complete example of how this code would look in the latest Ionic 2. I found the angular2-jwt plugin, but their code didn’t work in Ionic 2 RC0, and while I have found bits and pieces of answers on other threads, I am not experienced enough to piece everything together on my own.

Basically, the site just needs to have a login page, a restricted area (that you have to be logged in to access), and store the JWT and user data in storage of some sort. I would imagine that this is pretty standard functionality for an Ionic app so I hope that someone can help me with the code samples and actual file names of where to put the code.

Thanks in advance!


Please help me to complete the installation guide about the integration of:

  • Ionic 2 RC0
  • TypeScript
  • Angular2-JWT
  • JWT Service

1- Create a blank project:

$ ionic start myApp blank --v2 --typescript --appname “My Application”
$ cd myApp

2.- Install Native Cordova plugin for Login POPUP:

$ ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-inappbrowser

**3.- Install and generate the Auth Provider **:

$ npm install angular2-jwt --save
$ ionic generate provider AuthService

**4.- Add the pages for the users **:

$ ionic generate page Login
$ ionic generate page Signup
$ ionic generate page ResetPassword
$ ionic generate page Profile

5.- Run application on the browser:
$ ionic run browser

Are you having this problem?

A fantastic tutorial came out yesterday and it was a great help to me solving this, so I’ll post the link here:

My confusion was mostly around not knowing how to make an duse providers/services, and also how to use ionic’s storage instead of localStorage (angular2-jwt’s default). It turns out I really didn’t even need angular2-jwt and I opted for my own auth service (as per the tutorial) to do the job.

The only piece I would still like to add to my app is routes (for each ionic page) with auth guarding for each of the private routes. This would enable me to redirect to a login page immediately based on route. I don’t think routes are possible yet in Ionic 2 RC0 unfortunately.

This is an App with Ionic 2 RC0 + JWT:

ionic2-conference-app: Ionic Conference App with JWT authentication

The AuthService is: