How to Hide Ionic Header on Scroll [v5] - Ionic vue convert

Hello everyone, I have a problem would like someone to get help, please. When I tried to convert the “ionscroll” hide header by angular code and I realized some options may a bit different between vue and angular. Please, someone, know how to do it or convert it to a vue framework?

How to Hide Ionic Header on Scroll [v5]

I can’t see the content of the tutorial, but my guess is that it uses the ionScroll event to know how to move the header.

The API for Ionic Vue and Ionic Angular are the same in that components like ion-content have the same API no matter which framework you are using, so the concepts in the tutorial should still apply. In this case, you should be able to listen for @ionScroll="callback($event)" on your ion-content.

Assuming this tutorial uses ViewChild to select the header, you could accomplish the same by setting a ref on your ion-header and then accessing this ref in your scroll callback.

Hello @ldebeasi, I am thankful for answer my problem. So make it clear in Angular of @viewChild is mean looked like using ref (reference) in vue right. OK, I got it, I will make it a try. Thankful so much.