How to hide custom screen on app loading

Hi guys,
I would like to add a logo to the black screen I get when I open the app.

For example if you open app such as nike or spotify the first screen is with their own logo and after starts preload or other things.

In the image below the black screen on app start:

How can I do it?
I don’t know if is related but I would like to change the app icon too.

If you have doc or advice I’m glad!

Thanks in advance and kind regards,


Hi @Hills90210 thanks for the suggestion.
But what If I want a simple and static splash screen?
Where I can add a simple image?

thansk in advance and regards,

You cant add an image dynamically, you need to have the assets generated. Here is a great assets generation tool: GitHub - ionic-team/capacitor-assets: Local Capacitor icon/splash screen resource generation tool

Hi @Hills90210 thanks!

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The SplashScreen module from the expo-splash-screen library is used to tell the splash screen to remain visible until it has been explicitly told to hide. This is useful to do tasks that will happen behind the scenes such as making API calls, pre-loading fonts, animating the splash screen and so on.