How to handle ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in Ionic

Ionic: 3.19.0
Angular: 5.0.3
Node: 6.9.5

I have several Angular providers using HttpClient in my Ionic app hitting a Node.js server for data getting and storing.
I’m noticing an odd behavior whenever my node server is down or stopped (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error).

When I run the app on my dev machine with ionic serve, my provider hits the error callback whitin 2 to 4 seconds.

However, when I do the same on the actual built app (or running it with Ionic DevApp), the error callback gets hit a good 120 to 135 seconds after the request fires. Do I need to handle ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED errors specially or is this a bug?

Below is the get method code from one of my app services:

	getUsers(key: number = -1): Observable<Response> {
		let self = this;
		return this.http
			.get( this.apiURL, {headers: this.jsonHeader} )
			.map(response => {
				let json = response.json();
				return key > -1 && json[key] ? json[key] : json;
			.catch( (err) => {
				return self.handleError(err);

And here is the method which calls this service from an Ionic page:

		let self = this;
			(response: any) => {
				this.mongoUsers = response;
				console.log("Mongo Users:", this.mongoUsers);
			(err: any) => {
				alert('user error');


same with me… do you get resolve this issue?