How to get the home icon in the same line as the text?

I want the home picure next to the dashboard, but that is not working and I dont know why it happened like this.

What code do you use to generate this situation?
In general: Probably add a margin to the “icon” (or change the line-height if is an icon font).

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This is what I use, sorry for the late reply

I can’T see anything here, Gyazo is blocked, please post the code as text and use the </> button to format it.

< button menuClose ion-item *ngFor=“let p of pages” (click)=“openPage§” >
< ion-thumbnail item-left >< img src=“assets/icon/{{p.icon}}” >< /ion-thumbnail >
< p >{{p.title}}< /p >
< /button >

I dont know why it isnt in 1 line. I used margin but it still didnt work. The text and the icons move from place not only the icons.

I tried margin and stuff but it just didnt work

Just use both of then in ion-row