How to get selected dropdown list value

  • Hi, I am building my first app as a mobile programmer (I have a Windows C# background). I have a view which has a series of rows with three column items: a label, a pre-populated dropdown box and an adjacent textbox. The textbox should only be enabled if ‘Other’ is selected in the dropdown box. Here’s one of the rows:

    div class="col col-30">Placement:</div>
                            <div class="col col-30">
                                <select ng-model="SelectedItem.Placements" ng-options="placement as placement.Title for placement in Placements"></select>
                            <input type="text"  ng-model="newMix.Placement" style="background-color:#ffd800"
                                   ng-disabled="(SelectedItem.Placements !="Other")>

    It doesn’t work. The controller has the following code to populate this dropdown box in the view:
    $scope.Placements = [{ id: ‘1’, Title: ‘Tailgate’ },
    { id: ‘2’, Title: ‘Line Pump’ },
    { id: ‘3’, Title: ‘Grout Pump’ },
    { id: ‘4’, Title: ‘Boom Pump’ },
    { id: ‘5’, Title: ‘Other’ }]

    The documentation suggest that I use the GetValue function in the controller to retrieve the selected value. I tried this for the above row:

    $scope.GetValue = function (placement) {
    var placementId = $scope.SelectedItem.Placements;
    var placementName = $.grep($scope.Placements, function (placement) {
    return placement.Id == placementId;
    $window.alert("Selected Value: " + placementId + "\nSelected Text: " + placementName);
    Last statement was debug – it didn’t execute.
    That didn’t work either. Do I need to overload this function for each dropdown box? Do I need to wrap each row with a new ng-controller? Is it possible to get the selected value directly without using this function?
    Bob Fidelman

Well that didn’t show the HTML coding very well at all. I’ll try it without the left caret on each line.:
div class="row"
div class=“col col-30”>Placement:
div class=“col col-30”>
select ng-model=“SelectedItem.Placements” ng-options=“placement as placement.Title for placement in Placements”>
input type=“text” ng-model=“newMix.Placement” style=“background-color:#ffd800"
ng-disabled=”(SelectedItem.Placements !=“Other”)>


Maybe it is my mobile, but I can’t read most of what you wrote there.

From my understand, [0].name shouldn’t be there. Your placement array doesn’t have name value. I think it should be title?

Second i don’t know $grep but i assume it selects the row or array with the placementid. But why would you use [0]?

I don’t know $.grep either! I copied the coding from a different source… This was my first post — I will read up on how to post a better one and resubmit. Thanks for responding.
Bob F.

no problem :D. could I have a look at the link you used please?

OK, I found the solution—all in HTML.

<div class="row">
   <div class="col col-30">Placement:</div>
   <div class="col col-30">
           <select ng-model="Placement" ng-options="placement as                placement.Title for placement in Placements"></select>
   <input type="text" ng-model="PlacementText" style="background-color: lightgrey" ng-hide="Placement.Title !='Other'" />