How to get pageX and pageY for on-tap event?


Any idea how to get pageX and pageY for on-tap event?

$scope.clickEvent = function(event) {
    	console.log(event.pageX + "   " + event.pageY);

by using


All I got are undefined for pageX and pageY.


You need to dig into the event to get the details you want.

$scope.clickEvent = function(event) {
	$ = event.gesture.touches[0].clientX;
	$ = event.gesture.touches[0].clientY;


Hi Calendee, thanks a lot for your help. It works! But could you please tell me where I can find the official webpage about this event.gesture.touches?


There are no specific documents about those details. You just need to pick through the event itself.$ionicGesture/