How to get image from gallery or take a picture from camera and send it on rest api?

Hello folks, I am new here on Ionic framework. I want to take a picture using camera or get picture from gallery and send its byte array to the rest api using post method.
I just want to use only html, css, and angularjs in my application . I don’t want to use PHP scripts to post data.

hi @vikask
you can use
after the result return , you can post it to your rest api


Hi @AbdouWeber, Thank you for your response. Actually I have done with capture picture from camera and send it to rest api. Now I am looking for browse image from gallery and post it to rest api using angularjs.

Through the same plugin in configuration object you can capture image through camera or from gallery

Hi @AbdouWeber, I have used cordova image picker plugin. It returns me the path of image. I just want to get image from that path and send it to rest api.

@vikask could you please send me that git link that takes image from the camera and post it to REST API