How to get Copyright Symbol in the view


Hi All,

Simple question.

In my view (about.html) I can do © and it works.

But if in my class I have something like:

public dataLocation: string = (“Company ©”);

I don’t see the copyright symbol. Just the “©”

Any ideas???








Sorry, that’s the point. © doesn’t work. The copyright symbol just got displayed on the forum, so this question probably confused people.

I'm trying to put "&copy" into a member class variable, so I can use it in a view. I can't put it straight into the view itself.


oh, have your tried escaping the variable. like '&copy"?

note: i guess escaping should work because it dropped the “” above should have showed



Why not look into other icon fonts?
Do you know that you can use other font files on your Ionic?

Look up a font file which has that copyright symbol.

There are some thousands of icon fonts you can use on Ionic.

Once you get them, you can install the icon font file in your SCSS just like you do on a regular CSS & html.
I’m sure one of them has a copyright symbol for you to easily use…


Oh, actually FontAwesome has a copyright symbol:

Please install fontawesome to your ionic app and use this in your HTML.

<i class="fa fa-copyright" aria-hidden="true"></i>

This will work 100%