How to force an ion-content to scroll to bottom when the height changes


In our Ionic app we have a page with an ion-content in which are some elements.
The ion-content has a vertical scrollbar because it’s content is higher than the screen.
At the bottom of the ion.content is an ul-element with a handfull of listitems.
When we open that ul the height of the ion-content and the vertical scrollbar changes because the list was opened, but it doesn’t scroll to the bottom automatically.

What can we do to force an automatic scroll-to-bottom in that special case?

Is there maybe a possibility by using properties?
The ion-content is defined like that:

<ion-content id=“mainContent” class=“padding has-header” scroll=“true” forceOverscroll=“true” style=“overflow: scroll;”>

Thanks in advance.


Check this codepen, he solved it using anchor,