How to fix error with statusbar overlay on ios dispositives

I have tried to fix it by adding these two options to the config.cml
<preference name = "StatusBarOverlaysWebView" value = "false" />
<plugin spec = "" source = "git" />
but it doesn’t work, I would like to know how I can solve this error.

I am using capacitor, to compile the code of my project that is in ReactJS, to IOS native.

Ya que veo que hablas español así nos entenderemos mejor.
Tienes este problema solo con dispositivos que tienen este corte de pantalla?
por ejemplo IphoneX?

Con todos los dispositivos IOS, probe con el IphoneX y Iphone 8, al parecer se muestra de la misma forma el error.

Yeah, I’m facing the same issue but I’m using ionic-v1 and trying to add Capacitor.

Any update about this ? The app content is overflowing on the status bar (especially on iphone X and 11)

I’ve tried several thing but nothing seems to work.