How to fetch phone model and android version

i want fetch android OS version and phone model and sent in web service . how i do it??

I also want to check that how many number of rows get from the localstorage ?

I use Device from ionic-native and then e.g.:

console.log('Device UUID: ' + Device.device.uuid);
console.log("Device Cordova version: " + Device.device.cordova);
console.log('Device platform: ' + Device.device.platform);
console.log("Device model: " + Device.device.model);
console.log('Device manufacturer: ' + Device.device.manufacturer);
console.log("Device serial: " + Device.device.serial);

I don’t really understand the rest of your question to suggest an answer.

my other question regarding local storage.
i want count the rows that came from query.

like i write query select * from table_name.

now how many rows selected <— i want this.

i used your code but i got undefined error

import {Device} from ‘ionic-native’;

AllFunctions.doAlert('done ’ + Device.device.model,this.navController);

i just tried to printout… but i dont’t get any output. i also tried to this in mobile but same output - undefined