How to do? Ionic Application that sends push notification on a specific time

I use an application that sends me every morning a push notification related to some information. I am thinking of creating an application using Ionic Framework that sends me notification(s) on specific device time using an API via Node.js. Can you suggest me where/how do I start?

There is this guide:

That you can use and from the “” you can push notification to all or specific users and you can schedule the time and the date
Is this something that you want?

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Have a look at this API endpoint of the Ionic Cloud HTTP API:

For PHP there seems to be an implementation of this API at, I couldn’t find one for JS/Node. But as this one URL would be enough for your system to work, this shouldn’t be too much work to implement yourself.

Yes, I want to push notifications for specific users at a scheduled time. Thanks for the link!