How to do a Top Menu Slide like Sidebar

There is a topic about this at Create a top menu similar to the side menu

However instead of just doing a jquery slide out, and adding a delegate to listen for the swipedown event, can we do something to make it more native feeling like the slide out menu? Where it responds to where your finger is on the screen.

I actually just had to build something using this same idea! So if you look at the docs for $ionicGesture it will get you started. I actually have a directive that I can’t remember where I got…
And basically you add that to the highest parent element (like mine is on my ion-view) and then add those gestures that you want.

Then write a function in your controller like so with this same name: $scope.reportEvent = function(event) and just switch through the events that you need. The docs have a better list of events, those are just the few that my app uses.

Now to the good stuff! You were wanting the details on those events and for your stuff you should look at the drag event. They have a drag up and down but I use just the drag (since it will tell you what direction). It was nice because I only had to write one function instead of two.

If you do a console.log(event) in that function you can get all the details, and there are plenty! This is where you do all your animation or logic magic for the menu.

event.gesture.distance and event.gesture.direction helped me a lot. Now you can bind events like drag start and end, this will help with resistance, and you just have to code it out from there. I hope I was able to give you a couple of things for the beginning of that code, it should set you in the right direction.