How to divide 1 controller into more controllers in ionic/ angular?

among other controllers i ve one big (a ton of functions) controller that gets called when a specific url with params is called, it pulls the data and show the result.

.state(‘’, {
// cache: false,
url: ‘/properties/:propertyTicker’,
views: {
‘menuContent’: {
templateUrl: ‘templates/property.html’,
controller: ‘SinglePropertyCtrl’

In one controller i have like 7 modal templates those are html files, their funcitons and a lot of other button click handlers and hotkey function, etc

I was wondering if I should seperate this controller into more controllers, would it help ?

how can i call other controllers inside one contoller ?

some example or guide woudl be very helpful

Ionic1, Angular 1

Help with what exactly?

ok, I’ll elaborate more on this.