How to display videos in Ionic using ion-slide-box

I’m making a small application to display players and their videos. For that I used ion-slide-box with different ion-slides, on each slide I have a different video.

I just have a button to click and then the video is displayed full screen. the problem is that I’m not able to close the video and get back to my application.

You might be wondering why I didn’t embeded the videos, I tried to do that but all the videos can play together and this is annoying, I spent two days on how to reslove that, and I didn’t find any solution.

here is my codepen :

Did you get solution for that ? Even I’m facing similar issue.

Even I am facing the same issue. I have iframe inside innerhtml which is inside ion-slide. When i open the slide the video player auto plays and when the user reaches the video player containing slide the video plays again thus resulting in single video playing twice without user interaction. Anyone can resolve this?