How to display an array of objects within an object


I’m still still relatively new to ionic2 so bear with me. I’m looking to display the steps in each array and have them displayed on my template but everything I have tried thus far hasn’t panned out. When I try the following I get [object, object], [object, object]:

<ion-item *ngFor="let data of recipeSteps">


Also tried creating a pipe following this example but wasn’t able to get it to work as nothing would display. Any help would be appreciated.


<ion-item *ngFor="let data of recipeSteps">

<p  *ngFor="let step of data.steps">{{ step.step}}</p>



<ion-item *ngFor="let data of recipeSteps">

 {{data.steps | json }}

Thanks for the quick response. That solved it!

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<ion-item *ngFor=“let data of recipeSteps”>

{{data.steps | json }}

is worked for me. but it returning value in double commas like “value”. how to remove this. please guide.