How to disable view caching in Ionic 2?

I am using ionic 2. when i using ionic 1 cache-view=“true”.If the same way i use the cache-view=“true” is not working? How to i solve this problrm in ionic 2 ?
for example,
i want to my cache files input in
page 1 =>page 2 => page 3=>page 4 .

I am using this way to navigating

why you dont pass your input data with navparams?

Thank you for your reply.actually that four pages pass all input values and save to database. How to i pass data one page to another page.if i complete 4th page again edit first page data not updating? How to i do this?

The best way to do this is to use Local Storage or Native Storage of the Device. Its more compicated but why do I like and suggest it? Because if the user Closes the App because of any Reason the Data you got of the user isnt deleted.

You save the Input of each Page in the Storage of the Device. And in every Page you will Load the data every time new from the Storage with NgZone. So if you are on Page 4 and the Data of Page 1 changes it will change it on all pages where this Data is displayed.

So in this case 4 Pages -> All 4 safe data in Storage -> 4th Page gets the data and use it -> if page 1 change Data, Page 4 will update Data through NgZone and get new Data

Example (Could be that the functions are called different, its only an example):

//This function is from Ionic and will get called every time your page will get displayed
//zone is in my case NgZone
//calls the function witch loads all stored inputs of the storage, if the inputs are 
//changed it will update all views were they are displayed if you call ngZone => {

Here can you learn about Native Storage:

And here you can learn more about NgZone:

Thank you so much for your reply @lukasrein97 . i will do this way and reply.

Yeah if you stuck on something feel free to ask here. Ill try to help you as soon as i can.

Sure.thank you @lukasrein97

if any line to using html pages in ionic 2 ? For example ionic 1 cache-view=“true”.it will save all input values until clear this page.