How to disable generating the code source maps on production build?

How can I disable the generation of my source maps (components, router, etc) in the production build. When I run ionic build these files are generated.

In Vue CLI I could do this by setting the productionSourceMap: false in vue.config.js. Does Ionic has such an option?

Doing productionSourceMap: false in your vue.config.js file should work if you are using an Ionic Vue starter app.

@ldebeasi I do not have any vue.config.js on a new Ionic Vue app, am I missing something?

Ionic starter apps do not ship with a vue.config.js file since we do not need to modify any config. You can create a vue.config.js file and it should be recognized automatically.

Thanks. I cannot get any source maps to show on a new project though, as I posted here