How to deploy for all three platforms: ios, android and web too?

Hi guys I have been using ionic for few months now and it is awesome!. I have familiarized my self for publishing ios and android . I am just wondering how can i deploy ionic project as a website? like having three platform of the same application : ios, android and website

if you not need Cordova use:
npm run ionic:build --prod
and copy all from the www folder to your Webserver
or if you need Cordova

ionic cordova platform add browser
ionic cordova build browser --prod --release

and copy all from the /platforms/browser/www folder to your webserver


Thxx @danielmm1997 for the reply. please refer to this discussion: Deploy ionic app as a website . why are they saying there are limitations?

One of driftyco’s major goals this year is improving Ionic’s performance as a PWA. I’ve built a web page with Ionic, and I won’t repeat it until there are some more features. At this point, I use the desktop to debug, and handheld devices to deploy.

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