How to deploy browser platform to AWS

I have an small app originally designed for Android phones. Now my customer want to give their customers the posibility to access this app from a browser. So, I made some changes to allow the app to be responsive, and then did this:

ionic cordova platform add browser
ionic cordova build browser

Now I want to deploy the app to my AWS test account, but I can’t find any tutorial or paper that shows how to do that with an Ionic app.

Any ideas or resources on how to accomplish this ?


Since I see that you are trying to deploy a PWA, that really does not require a tutorial to deploy it on AWS, it only requires knowledge on servers and related things, in this case I recommend you to create an EC2 instance, and then this is to assign it a public ip, and later you can point a web domain to the public ip, remember that you have to install Apache 2, or Ngix, also that you must buy SSL certificates for the domain and install them in the EC2 apache to be able to deploy it if problem since the PWA only work correctly under HTTPS protocol

Follow this sequence.


Ip elastic AWS.

You can activate FTP access to upload you files of PWA.

Good Luck.

Thanks. The key for me was understanding that an Ionic PWA app is, basically, a regular Angular app. I just wanted to test the app in AWS, not actually deploy it for production, so I just created an S3 Bucket on my AWS personal account, configured to serve static files, uploaded my www folder and that was it. Thanks for your detailed answer.

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